Esaran Command Carrier

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Fewer in number, these fast G carriers carry leader/chefs who prowl looking for enemy units. They summon the Esaran Attacker Units, feed them and direct them into battle. They don't directly engage themselves, they use their six laser rifles to designate targets for TAC missiles or artillery rounds. Their other weapons are used as a last resort for protection. Once they launch their attacking units, they usually redeploy to look for new targets of opportunity.

Esaran Command Carrier (TECH LEVEL B)[edit]

This is a Grav APC deployed in the Esaran Cultural Area to carry a full Esaran leader/recon/chefs into battle. The vehicle has a crew of four (driver, gunner, 2 leader/recon/chefs). It mounts a VRF Gauss gun in a stabilized turret on the chassis deck with TL–B point defense fire control.
Vehicle Dimensions: height: 2.5 m (+0.5 m turret) :width: 4 m length: 10 m.
Total usable volume: 62.7 m3
Total mass loaded: 182 metric tons
Production Cost: Cr. 7,001,062.8
Movement: Maximum, 3,212kph/2,677cm; Cruise, 2,409kph/2,007.5 cm; NOE, 150kph/125cm.
Movement effect on fire: None
Armor: Chassis front, 44; chassis sides 39, chassis all other faces 34. Turret all faces 48.
Target Size DMs: +4 low, +0 high
Equipment: Tech B avionics; 5,000 power radio; map box; TL B point defense fire control; 5,000 power target acquisition RADAR; 5,000 power RADAR jammer; 5,000 power radio jammer; 100 bottles of prismatic aerosol; laser sensor 5+; battle computer; extensive ECM; field kitchen; 1,000 km maser communicator; thermal; image enhancement; extended life support for 4 for CBR/NBC threats, NOT sealed.
Power: 84 megawatt fusion power plant consumes 126 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 1,431.18 liters, enough for 11.3 hours. Grav generators produce 4.6 G's.
Weapons: The 4 mm VRF Gauss gun is mounted in a stabilized remote mount on the chassis deck with with tech B point defense fire control may engage 16 targets and has a +4 signature. There is storage for 30,000 rounds, enough for 23 fire phases. It rolls 8 dice versus indirect fire missions. Its direct fire characteristics:
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
150(21)+8 300(19) +6 450(17) +3
There are three remote turrets, one on either side of the chassis and one covering the rear quadrant. There are six laser rifles mounted, two per remote turret and each is equipped with its own 100 shot battery. Each remote turret can designate or engage two targets.
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
180 m (9) 360 m (4) 1800 m (1)
There are 10 x 15.021 kg capacity TAC missiles in pods of launch rails on the sides of the turret. The missiles use a 12cm HEAP 45 warheads and have a 4km range. The missiles which come included with the individual purchase prices are:
(4) Homing Cr. 324.021
(4) Target Designated Cr. 424.021
(2) IR Follow-Up Cr. 424.021
Vehicle 5
Electronics 91
Weapons 42

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