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Canon Yes
Classification Unknown
Extinct Extant
Gravity Standard
Homeworld Rasand (Halcyon 0717)
Language TBD
Multi-world Yes
Psi Potential Standard
Reference Adie Alegoric Stewart
Size 1.2 m
Status Minor Race
Weight 50.0 kg

The Esaran are a technologically sophisticated sophont species.


A sophisticated, technologically advanced sophont species.

Image Repository[edit]

  1. Esaran.


The Esaran are a sophont species native to Rasand, on the spinward edge of Halcyon Sector. They have a similar body shape to humans and Sath, the other major starfaring Sophonts within the Distant Fringe.

  • Temperate climate atmosphere-breathing walker.
  • Omnivore Gatherer.
  • Bilateral HBS-T-AN-LN-T (head containing the major sensory organs, paired anterior arms terminating in hands, paired posterior legs, tail)
  • Cartilage interior, blood fluids, skin, no natural weapons, hands.
  • Vertical torso
  • 50.0 kg

Esaran are relatively small and light, massing around 50kg and standing around 1.2m in height. They have a slender torso, a sinuous neck, and a long tail tipped with a dense bony counterweight that helps them to balance. They have powerful legs enabling them to run at high speeds and long arms that end in three dexterous, mutually opposable fingers. They have a large head, topped by a bony nasal crest, containing the brain and the major sensory organs. Esaran are fast, agile, and graceful.


No information yet available.


A baseline Esaran has the following characteristic ranges:

  • Strength 2D
  • Agility 3D
  • Vigor 2D
  • Intelligence 2D
  • Education 2D
  • Charisma 1D


Three genders: Female (baseline, approximately 45%), Male (as baseline, approximately 45%), Neuter (approximately 10%).

  • Neuters are noticeably larger and slower than males and females. Neuters receive modifiers of -2 Agility and +1 Vigor.

Males and females are sexually inert until in the company of a neuter: pheromone "activators" emitted by the Neuter trigger a reproductive urge in males and females in their close proximity. Neuters are also able to sense whether Males and Females are siblings (and thus not viable as sexual partners) through their natural scents and pheromones: the Neuter will emit "inhibitor" pheromones that will prevent a coupling.

Females and Males have no particular interest in their offspring. Neuters perform all childraising activities within Esaran Cantons.

Life Stages[edit]

  • 0 Infant: 2 years
  • 1 Child: 4 years
  • 2 Adolescent: 8 years
    • Career starts at age 14.
  • 3 Young adult: 2 terms (8 years)
  • 4 Adult: 3 terms (12 years)
  • 5 Peak: 2 term (8 years).
    • Physical aging begins (42+ years).
  • 6 Midlife: 3 terms (12 years).
  • 7 Senior: 2 terms (8 years).
  • 8 Elder: 1 terms (4 years).
  • 9 Retirement: 1 term (4 years).
    • Mental aging begins (70+ years).

Diet and Trophics[edit]

Esaran are descended from omnivore gatherers

Psychology & Philosophy[edit]

Esaran are conservative and highly traditionalist by nature, with a deep respect for authority and a tendency to be logical and efficient. They are distant and can seem arrogant, they are prone to taking things literally, and as a rule they struggle with the concept of humour. Esaran live in small Cantons specialising in particular areas of agriculture or industry: Cantons group together to form a Caucus headed by a Prime and their personal staff.

Primal Drives[edit]

Esaran psychology is driven by factors common to many sophonts:

  • Acquisition (stemming from the need to gather adequate nutrition),
    • Hunger: an ever-present element in the minds of the Esaran.
  • Preservation (derived from the need to continue their personal existence), and
  • Perpetuation (the urge to continue the species).


A number of other factors strongly influence the mental processes of the Esaran:

Major Drives[edit]

  • Curiosity: closely related to acquisiton. Esaran have a strong sense of curiosity and wonder. This is derived from their inclination to browse for nutrition, searching through undergrowth for small creatures, bugs, grubs, roots, berries, fruit and other tasty morsels.
    • Impatient: Esaran can be quick to jump to conclusions or keen to go for the easiest option.
  • Society: closely related to preservation. The significance of the community and the Canton.
    • Rejection: fear of social rejection.
  • Prestige: related to perpetuation. The desire for positive attention and social advancement.
    • Lowliness: the abandonment of personal ambition, dreams, and hopes and the willing subjugation to the will of others

Minor Drives[edit]

  • Order: the Esaran desire a comfortable, ordered life with regular patterns and no surprises. They seek order and organisation.
    • Obsessiveness: excessive behaviour, often to an unreasonable degree.
    • Over-zealous: excessively eager, enthusiastic, or fervent, or particularly over-cautious.
  • Morality: the desire to behave in accordance with code of conduct.
    • Honor: the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.
    • Prudishness: having a tendency to be easily shocked by matters relating to morality; excessively concerned with social propriety.
  • Power: the desire to influence the opinions and behaviour of others around them.
    • Megalomania: an obsessive desire for power.


The Esaran philosophical viewpoint is possibly best described as a form of logical positivism.

  • Philosophy: Dialectical Materialism, which preaches that you have a Thesis (some idea), then an antithesis (an opposing idea), then a synthesis. In other words, there is one idea, then another opposing it, and from the opposition of the two ideas, another idea is born. The materialism aspect means that the world is all material. There is no spiritual aspect to sophonts or the universe.
  • Theology: Atheism
  • Ethics: Ethical relativism. Right and wrong is relative to the situation, to what’s happening. There is no absolute right and wrong.
  • Psychology: Monistic self-actualization. You will become whatever you decide to become. You have to be in touch with what’s right for you at the given moment.

Society & Culture[edit]

HASS values:

  • Homogeneity: B (Discordant)
  • Acceptance: B (Extremely friendly)
  • Strangeness: 5 (Familiar)
  • Symbols: D (Extremely distinctive, architectural variance)


15 billion.


The primary means of communication is through vocalisation.

A great many languages and dialects exist.

The primary language is Esar.


The Esaran use a calendar based on the rotation and the orbital period of Rasand, their homeworld. The world has a rotation period (a local day) that is 22.1 standard hours long and an orbital period (a local year) that is 219.5 standard days long.

  • Rasand's local year is made up of 238.4 local days.
  • Rasand's orbit around Caro, the system primary, is elliptical, matching the position of Ressam, the system's companion star. The Season of Cold – the period when Rasand is at perihelion with Caro – is the defining aspect of the Esaran calendar. It occurs over a cycle of 308 local days, with the Season of Cold lasting for approximately 76 local days and with a Deep Cold period of roughly 15 local days.

Social Organization[edit]


Balkanisation. Cantons.

Law and Justice[edit]

No information yet available.


Esaran are technologically advanced.


The Esaran have considerable military forces.


  • 175,000BCE Proto-Esaran first evolve intelligence
  • 15,000BCE Beginnings of Esaran civilisation
  • 2290AD Esaran first contacted by humans.

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