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Goods are the items that sophonts, and especially adventurers, demand in great quantities. They are the guns, gadgets, devices, and technological toys that the the public demands. They also include more mundane items such as food, drink, construction materials, drugs, luxury items, tools, and various sundries that make technological society possible.

There is a summary list.

Equipment in the AAB encyclopedia is divided into the following categories:

A - Protections, Safety (Armor, Clothing, Insulation, etc), Augments.
Fabrics, Protective gear
B - Breathing Gases. Specialized Mixtures.
Breathing apparatus
C - Cables and Surface Gear.
Survival gear
D - Detectors (Sensors, Sensory aids, Signal amplifiers, etc).
Sensory aids
E - Emitters (of signals capable of being sensed).
Communications gear, Emitters
F - Food. Nutrients
Food and Drink
G - Non-Breathing gases.
<No Category>
K - Containers, Carriers, Cases, Backpacks, Holsters.
L - Liquids. Liquid Manipulating Equipment. Pumps.
<No Category>
M - Construction Materials, Structural Items.
Construction materials
N - Information, Software, Data, Apps, Programming. Computers.
P - Power. Power Supplies. Power Cells. Energy Sources.
Power supplies
Q - Small Craft.
R - Drugs (Rx) and Medical.
Medical, Drugs
S - Structures, Shelters,
T - Tools. Toolkits. Basic Machines
U - Unique items
Personal items
V - Vehicles.
Civilian Vehicle Types, Military Vehicle Types, Personal mobility
W - Weapons
X - Explosives. Exothermic Chemicals.
Y - Robots, Automatons, Strangeforms.
Robots of Charted Space