Epsilon Indi (star)

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Epsilon Indi A
Spectral K4.5 V
Type Pre-Main Sequence
Luminosity 0.22 LSol
Absolute magnitude 6.89
Mag Terra 4.83
Temperature 4630° K
Mass 0.76 MSol
Radius 0.732 RSol
Companion Epsilon Indi B (a/b)
Epsilon Indi Ba
Spectral T1
Type Brown Dwarf
Luminosity 1.9 × 10−5 LSol
Absolute magnitude
Temperature 1300° K
Mass 0.045 (=47 MJ) MSol
Radius 0.08 RSol
Companion Epsilon Indi Bb
Epsilon Indi Bb
Spectral T6
Type Brown Dwarf
Luminosity 4.5 × 10−6 LSol
Absolute magnitude
Temperature 900° K
Mass 0.027 (=28 MJ) MSol
Radius 0.08 RSol
Companion Epsilon Indi Ba

The star Epsilon Indi A is a young yellow-orange pre-main sequence star of spectral classification K5 orbited by a binary pair of magenta-hued brown dwarfs of spectral types T1 and T6.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Epsilon Indi is a member of the Epsilon Indi moving group of more than sixteen population I stars. These stars are associated with one another due to their similar space velocity vectors, implying that they most likely formed at the same time and location.

  • Epsilon Indi A is a young pre-main sequence star, meaning that it is still undergoing the late gravitational contraction phase of its formation and has not yet initiated nuclear fusion at its core.
  • Epsilon Indi Ba & Bb are a mutually orbiting pair of brown dwarfs exhibiting a bright cherry-red to magenta glow as they contract and cool.
  • Epsilon Indi Ba & Bb orbit one another at a distance of 2.1AU with an orbital period of about 15 years.
  • Epsilon Indi Ba & Bb orbit Epsilon Indi A at a rough distance of 1460AU.

The Epsilon Indi star system lies approximately 3.6pc from Terra, and is located in a Coretrailing/Trailing direction from Terra at bearing 336.2o Galactic Longitude and -48.0o South Galactic Latitude.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Epsilon Indi is the primary star of the world Meshan/Dingir (Solomani Rim 1526).

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