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The Enlightened is a polity located in the rimward half of Halcyon Sector: it is the oldest state in the Distant Fringe.

Description / Specifications[edit]

An interstellar polity lying in the spinward-rimward quadrant of Halcyon Sector. It is considered to be something of a rogue state.


Social order and stability, infrastructure improvement, economic growth, and personal enrichment.


An inverted pentagon containing a four-pointed star on a field of deep blue. The colours of the pentagon and the star denote different governmental and civil offices and different military branches: yellow denotes governmental, green denotes civil, red denotes naval, and white denotes military. The Master of the Guild, the leader of the Enlightened, has the pentagon and star in gold. There are many variants of the design: these include double-bordered pentagons, pentagons with decorative edges, double or triple stars, and the addition of bars, dots, triangles and other symbols on the blue field.

Interstellar Relations[edit]

There is a general antipathy towards the Bright Conclave. The Enlightened soundly beat Bright Expansion, the predecessor to the Bright Conclave, in a war that occurred six hundred years ago. The Clavers are still generally resentful of this defeat and the harm it did to their reputation.

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

The Enlightened is defined as an impersonal bureaucracy.


Blass, a pleasant agricultural world. The government sits in the Emerald Atrium, a sprawling palace complex atop the Plateau Mountains overlooking the capital city of Umerglass. It stands close to the Palace of the Master, the official residence of the head of state, and is surrounded by various government buildings and compounds. The Emerald Atrium has its own private surface spaceport facilities.

Head of State:[edit]

Master of the Association. Executive powers of the state.

  • the First Tier is an inner cabinet with legislative powers. It advises the Master with regard to policy, legislation and important issues, and acts as a check and brake on the Second Tier. Its membership is drawn from among elder statesmen, learned individuals, senior legal figures and high ranking military officers.

Governmental Structure[edit]

The Guild[edit]

Descended from the Mercantile Guild, the ruling authority of the Valen Trade Protectorate.

The Guild is divided into Tiers:

  • the Second Tier is an elected assembly. It acts as a legislative body and is divided into various political factions. Its membership is drawn from among individuals who have served in the Third Tier of the government: they are voted into office by the public.
  • the Third Tier consists of various offices of state. It is divided into a number of Guild Offices, each responsible for a different aspect of the government.

The Association of the Navy[edit]

Descended from the Association of the Star, a pirate organisation operating at the beginning of the 6th millennium.

  • It is divided into Orbital and Space Operations (Navy and Marine units) and Surface Operations (the Army).

Elements of the Navy are sponsored by wealthy individuals and organisations, and occasionally naval vessels may engage in private ventures.

Laws and Justice[edit]

  • Laws of the Guild
  • "Pirate Code"

Crimes are defined as being committed against Property, Environment, Sophonts, Society, Justice, Doctrine, or Trade. Different legal representatives specialise in different areas of law. Trade law is considered to be the most prestigious area to work within.


Board of Enquiry

Session of the Guild

  • Arbitrators


State Police.

Personal Freedom:[edit]

Internal Law Level equivalency: 6 (moderate laws). Personal sidearms are generally allowed, as are ceremonial weapons such as cutlasses and daggers.

Citizens enjoy a decent standard of living and a reasonable degree of personal freedom.


Significant populations of the following Sophont species are found within the Enlightened:

  • Native Non-Human Races:
    • Hoppers: 750,000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Hives can be found within most large human population centers.
    • Esaran: 150,000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Cantons dispersed through human areas.
    • Meroquan: 25,000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Small communities can be found within large population centers.
    • Temelik: 20,000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Widely dispersed through human areas.

Linguistic Topography[edit]

The following languages are among the most commonly spoken within the Bright Conclave:

Culture and Society[edit]

The citizens of the Enlightened enjoy a relatively prosperous, relatively stable lifestyle.

Social Status[edit]

There is no formal social status within the Enlighted. Social represents the level of wealth and influence from which the individual originates, the appearance they adopt, and the peer groups with whom they regularly mix. Apparent social status is an aspect of the lifestyle that the individual leads. Some families have a Fives heritage, being descended from the earliest families in the Distant Fringe, and as such are considered (or at least consider themselves to be) socially elite. That being said, a series of official governmental ranks are recognised: those roles associated with spacecraft, starships and interstellar affairs are awarded naval honorifics.

Social Status
Soc Equivalency
0 Prisoner, outcast
1–9 Citizen
A Senior local official, influencial family
B Senior bureaucrat, planetary celebrity
C Third Tier of the Guild ("Third"), Commander of the Fleet
D Second Tier of the Guild ("Second"), Commodore of the Fleet
E First Tier of the Guild ("First"), Admiral of the Fleet
F Lord of the Guild ("Lord"), Lord High Admiral
G Master of the Association ("Master")

Military and Intelligence[edit]

Naval High Command

Blass Fleet Base[edit]

Blass: TL–11, Port Capacity 80,000 dTons. Blass is the major port of the Enlightened and hosts a Military Base. In keeping with military installations across the Distant Fringe, this includes naval support facilities. They can carry TL–11 Enlightened 2T class Air Rafts.

Locally-Built Vessels

Temakurm Force Command[edit]

Temakurm: TL–8, Port Capacity 4,000 dTons.

Locally-Built Vessels

Valen Force Command[edit]

Valen: TL–7.

Troop Strength:

  • Army: 20,000 battalions in 40 field armies
  • Marines: 500 battalions in 25 marine divisions

The armed forces of Valen have access to locally manufactured TL–7 vehicles.

Nestol Defense Garrison[edit]

Nestol: TL–6

Troop Strength:
Army: 30 battalions in a Nestol Panzer Grenadier Division and a Nestol Royal Dragoon Brigade
Marines: 3 battalions are available for protected forces duty with some imported equipment. They are joking referred to as Space Rangers, a term they don't find humorous.

The armed forces of Nestol have access to locally manufactured TL–6 vehicles.

History & Background[edit]

The state evolved from a merger around between the Valen Trade Protectorate and a powerful pirate group called the Association of the Star. One of its firsts acts was to seize the local assets of Bright Expansion, a development organisation that had claimed control of the area. Accusations were levelled against Bright Expansion that they had manipulated trade deals and used sharp practice to swindle Protectorate interests.

A brief but intense war against Bright Expansion company forces (largely consisting of locally raised militias with cadres of mercenary units) resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Enlightened, effectively removing Bright Expansion from the region.

The name Enlightened derives from the fact that both the Protectorate and the Association became far more outward-looking following their union and far more peaceful after their victory in the Associations War.

The state maintains a powerful navy, largely funded by private interests, and efficient, well equipped ground forces. The Enlightened, however, remains as an isolated and out-of-step state, with a bureaucratic government interested in preserving the status quo and a worryingly independent military. The Enlightened are rumored to maintain strong state links to criminal organisations.


5000AD Emergence of the Enlightened

Physical Astrography[edit]

The Enlightened lies in the spinward-rimward quadrant of Halcyon Sector.

Star Lanes[edit]

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Traces & Clusters[edit]

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