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Notes (2007)[edit]

The Gateway Era world data was regressed from data developed by Jason Kemp for the Empty Quarter sector during the Classic Traveller Era, circa 1105. The original Classic Era data complies completely with GDW’s Atlas of the Imperium. (Fans of DGP’s alien supplement, Vilani & Vargr: The Coreward Races, will notice that some of the world positions differ from the dot map found within that book. There were some differences in system locations between Atlas of the Imperium and Vilani & Vargr: The Coreward Races. Where differences existed, the author chose to follow the Atlas of the Imperium as his first source of canonicity.)

  • Although the Gateway Era world data given above does not exactly match that of the Atlas of the Imperium in terms of population and starports, this is simply due to the regression applied to the Classic Era data to account for the passage of over a century between the Gateway Era and the Classic Era. The original world data does match that source.
  • All world names, save those found within the Atlas of the Imperium or referred to in prior Traveller canon, were generated from Vilani, Vargr and Bwap language tables, or were picked from Arabic, Hindi and Native American names, with a few exceptions based on world isolation. The author assumed that this region of space was settled during the late First Imperium by the Vilani. A second wave of colonists followed during the Rule of Man, primarily comprised of the Middle East and India cultural regions, with a solid minority from descendants of several Native American tribal nations. The history of the Vilani-Vargr integrated nature of the Julian Protectorate and spinward regions of the Hegemony of Lorean allowed for a mixture of both Vilani and Vargr names in the coreward half of the sector.
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Alternate Eras[edit]

There are two offical data sets for the sector, reflecting UWP changes for the Solomani Rim War era and the Classic Traveller era.


Worlds allegiances in 993 bear the same affiliation in 1105.