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Electroshock Weapons is a weapon technology that uses electricity to incapacitate or inflict pain on the victim. These types of weapons are widely used by police forces and private citizens for their ability to deter or capture criminals in a non-lethal manner. Because they are non-lethal, they tend to be relatively unrestricted.

Weapon types[edit]

Shock weapons[edit]

These are designed to inflict pain and thereby control the victim. They are generally invented around TL–4 concurrent with the development of batteries capable of holding enough charge to provide a useful working time.

Incapacitation weapons[edit]

A development of the shock weapons, the incapacitation systems use knowledge of the human (or other Races) neuromuscular systems to deliver an electrical pulse designed to disrupt it. The worst effects of the incapacitation last only as long as the electricity is being applied, with most people recovering with in a few minutes. Some experimental designs are produced at TL–6 but most commercial development of these weapons occurs at TL–7.

Stun weapons[edit]

A further development of the incapacitation weapon, where the electrical pulse is specifically designed to completely disrupt the entire neural network of the victim producing complete incapacitation and unconsciousness. This effect is achieved by using a high frequency electricity pulse rather than a single current pulse. Commercial production of these systems is a TL–9 item.

Delivery systems[edit]

Because electroshock weapons rely upon an electrical pulse, the delivery systems must be able to send the pulse to a victim, these devices are hand-held or short ranged.

Shock Baton[edit]

One of the earliest designs for a electroshock weapon. It consists of a set of batteries in a 30cm-50cm case, an handle and a pair of electrodes at the other end. The system works by applying the two electrodes to the victim.

Shock Belt or Shock Collar[edit]

This system is used for controlling prisoners. The electroshock system is contained within a belt or collar which is strapped onto the person. There is a remote control system to activate the belt or collar.

Stun Pistol[edit]

This is a personal defense weapon, consisting of a pair of barbed darts propelled by compressed gas and each connected to the pistol by a thin wire. The range on the weapon is short (5m - 10m).

Shock Rounds[edit]

These are a 18mm (or larger) round fired from a grenade launcher or low-powered slug-thrower weapon. The shell has a complete contact activated electroshock system. This type of round usually has a range of 100m or so.


This weapon relies upon a laser to create two parallel conductive paths though an atmosphere. The electroshock charge is then fired through these conductive paths. This kind of weapon has a modest range (20m or so). Electrolasers are a TL–10 development.


Because electroshock weapons rely upon high voltage electricity, they are capable of making sparks. Indeed, many devices are capable of producing an electrical arc as an intimidation display. In some atmospheres, these electrical arcs can be a serious concern as a source of fire or explosions. These devices may be restricted or banned for this reason.

Thick clothing and some armor (like Jack Armour) may protect against primitive electroshock devices, generally the more advanced weapons are not stopped by most armors. It is possible to construct armor to include a grounding system against these kinds of weapons.

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