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Duke Edward Amekaa Simalr (1075 -): Current constitutional monarch of the Republic of Ushra.

Duke Edward is an ex-naval commander, awarded a Starburst of Extreme Heroism after an incident in Corridor Sector in 1098, in which Vargr corsairs seized a liner on which he and a number of high-ranking naval officers were travelling.

Simalr regained control of the ship's computer, and managed to bluff the Vargr into surrendering, despite the injuries he had suffered at the corsairs' hands.

Edward Simalr took over the duchy when his father stood down in 1101 because of ill health. He has become a prominent member of the Imperial Moot, campaigning on a wide range of sophontarian issues, and holds many proxy votes from other Dagudashaag nobles (including Karyn Viisarikaa). He married Baroness Myselle deForrester of Shibishlim (Dagudashaag 2015) in 1110; they have two children.

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