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An Echinodermoid is an aquatic creature that exhibits characteristics similar to Terran starfish, sea urchins, or sea cucumbers.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

An echinodermoid creature is distinguished by a number of characteristics:

  • Echinodermoids are commonly known for having radial symmetry and non-humanoid body plans.
  • While they can be found in a wide variety of environments, they are strongly associated with aquatic environments.
  • They typically possess a large number of limbs, typically dual purpose tentacles capable of manipulation or locomotion.
  • Many examples of these creatures possess the Automy ability and can regenerate limbs and extremities.

Specific Species Examples[edit]

  1. Aakho
  2. H'oskhikhil
  3. Z'krall AKA Swarmer

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

It is relatively common for a creature to meet sufficient criteria to qualify as more than one classification of animal.

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