Dover-Gabe Courier Robots

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Dover-Gabe Courier Robot

Tech Level Unknown
Mass Unknown
Cost Unknown
Mode Unknown
Speed Unknown
Cargo Unknown
Crew 0
Passengers 0
Armament none

The Dover-Gabe Courier Robot was one of the most commonly found robot designs from Dover-Gabe. It is a specialized courier robot, built to quickly transport communications material from one location to another. It possesses a resonable intelligence, and has a useful array of skill programs.

The onboard fuel cell provides power for 120 days, half that in an unoxygenated atmosphere. In addition to the normal robot sensors, the Dover-Gabe Courier Robot carries a Distant range active/passive EMS array, a neutrino sensor, Densitometer, radiation sensor and a sensitive magnetic sensor.

ORIGIN: Dover-Gabe, a Sylean company, awarded contract for courier robots in 2,974 VI (Vilani) or 4,380 A.D. (Solomani).

HISTORY: A tragic attack against the Sylean Federation, which occurred in -112 in Core Sector, helped shape the Third Imperium's current attitudes about robots. A terrorist group rigged one of the Dover-Gabe courier robots to self-destruct, and managed to sneak it aboard a 90,000-ton Sylean battleship.

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