Dissident Fleet

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A name given to a faction of the Last Armada that didn’t want to stop in the Demon Cluster, instead choosing to press onward to spinward, following the edge of the Great Void.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Dissident Fleet is an important element in the Mythology of Lon Beon.

Despite the problems that would be caused to those who had decided to remain within the Distant Fringe, the Dissidents were given the best of the remaining starships in order to improve their chances of success. The last recorded contact with the Dissident Fleet was in 2257AD.


Their complement of starships included:

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The Dissident Fleet is believed to have travelled through parts of Divide Sector, Fallow Sector, Orsen Sector, Murian Sector, Lucent Sector, Jontell Sector, Thrax Sector and Magister Sector, before finally arriving at Lon Beon Sector and founding the realm of Lon Beon.

  • The Dissident Fleet is believed to have recovered Slaver artifacts within the Kineda Cluster. Eventually, the crew and settlers were able to reverse-engineer these artifacts and through them gained fantastically advanced levels of technology.
  • A vessel that became separated from the Dissident Fleet is said to have founded Rann's Worlds, a polity in Lucent Sector.

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