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Base Information
Classification Herbivore/grazer
Terrain Plains
Locomotion Walker
Size 2.5 meters, 6000kg
Speed VSlow
Strength Standard
Social Structure Many
Weapons Horns
Armor None
Homeworld Ges (Dagudashaag 0401)
Multi-world No
Canon No
Reference No results
Dierbison, large herbivores native to Ges (Dagudashaag 0401), apart from having six legs this beast resembles the Bison of Terra.

Physiology and ecology[edit]

They stand 2.5 metres tall at the shoulder and average 6,000 kg weight.

Life Cycle and reproduction[edit]

No confirmed study of the life cycle of the Dierbison has yet been sourced.

Diet and trophics[edit]

Herbivore / Grazer

History and background[edit]

The Dierbison have been partially domesticated by the natives and some are used to pull the wagons in which the natives live their lives following the herds of Dierbison on their wanderings around the single continent.

Travellers' Aid Society Advisory[edit]

The Travellers' Aid Society classifies the Dierbison as non-threatening to most sophonts and makes no special advisory regarding this creature.

References and contributors[edit]

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