Denebola (star)

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Denebola (Beta Leonis)
Spectral A3 V
Type Main Sequence
Luminosity 15 LSol
Absolute magnitude 1.92
Mag Terra 2.113
Temperature 8500° K
Mass 1.78 MSol
Radius 1.73 RSol

The star Denebola (otherwise known as Beta Leonis) is a blue-white main sequence star of spectral classification A3 that gives its name to the Denebola Subsector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

  • Denebola is suspected of being a Detla Scuti type variable star.
  • Denebola is a member of the IC 2391 supercluster, which includes stars such as Alpha Pictoris and Beta Canis Minoris.
  • Denebola emits an excess of infrared radiation, which likely means that Denebola possesses a circumstellar debris disk of cool dust in orbit around it typical of early planetary-formation. The disk is located at a radius of ~ 39AU from the star.

The Denebola star system lies approximately 11.0pc from Terra, and is located in a Rimtrailing/Trailing direction from Terra at bearing 250.6o Galactic Longitude and +70.8o North Galactic Latitude.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Denebola is the primary star of the world Denebola/Denebola (Alpha Crucis 0129).

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