Delphine Adorania Muudashir

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Delphine Adorania Muudashir. 15th Duchess of Mora by the second creation, sector duchess of the Spinward Marches, Matriarch of Mora, K.S.C..

Description (Specifications)[edit]

As the ruler of the most prosperous duchy as well as one of the most prosperous worlds in the Marches, and chief of the sector administration, Delphine wields a great deal of power. Her influence permeates subsector politics and is felt throughout the sector.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Born 021-979 on Mora/Mora, eldest issue of Duchess Lutetia Ammon Muudashir of Mora and Lord Eneri Truell Adorania.

  • Educated at home by tutors, and then attended the Lynwa Academy. Served, after graduating, with the Mora office of the Ministry of Justice in a number of capacities.
  • Ascended to the matriarchy and Duchy of Mora when her mother abdicated in her favor on 021-1014. Inducted into the Order of Starship and Crown in 1018.

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