Delphic Tract

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The Delphic Tract is an isolated cluster of 19 systems lying within the Moat Rifts.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Delphic Tract is located within the rimward-trailing quadrant of Fallow Sector and the spinward-rimward quadrant of Extent Sector. It is separated from the Glitterdrift Reach, a cluster of stars lying off of the spinward-coreward shoulder of the Distant Fringe, by a three parsec wide gap known as the Big Step.

The locations and general nature of the systems that make up the Delphic Tract have been charted by the University of Selasia Spinward Survey. Additional study and research has been carried out by the Local Astrographical Survey Project.

Astrographical Features[edit]

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

No part of the Delphic Tract can be reached by conventional vessels travelling from the Distant Fringe.

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