Deep Diving Suit

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Deep Diving Suit
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Cost Cr50,000
Size 110.0 l
Type Protective Gear
Tech Level TL–7
Weight 100.0 kg
Manufacturer Various

The Deep Diving Suit is a completely rigid suit with rotating joints instead of hinges, allowing a pressure tight seal in high pressure environments, such as deep underwater (...up to 20 atmospheres pressure).

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The suit is extremely roomy, and the wearer can withdraw their arms to scratch, flip switches, etc., and breathe a normal atmosphere at normal pressure, eliminating the threats of the bends and nitrogen narcosis. However, the dexterity of the suit is extremely limited, and manipulation of objects is by means of a mechanically activated claw at the end of each arm of the suit.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Normally used for underwater construction and repair, custom made tools that are easy to use with the claws enable work at some penalty. All other fine work or application of generic tools is extremely difficult, which can be countered somewhat by spending a lot of time at the task. The suit is completely self-contained, and has life support and power for approximately 6 hours of operation. The suit is extremely heavy, but is designed for neutral buoyancy and no encumbrance applies while it is in the water. Despite its ability to resist pressure, it is not exceptionally strong, using sophisticated design rather than massive quantities of material for its strength. Any breach of the armor at significant depth will be instantly (or nearly instantly) fatal to the wearer as high-pressure liquids or gasses jet into the suit, filling it in seconds. It is also not proof against vacuum or very low pressures.

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