Deep Caviar

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Deep Caviar
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Cost Cr50
Size 1.0 liter
Type Food and Drink
Tech Level TL–0
Weight 1.0 kg
Deep Caviar are the eggs produced by a large ocean-dwelling fish locally referred to as a Leviathan, and referred to the greater interstellar society as Jenghean Leviathan, found in the depths beyond the continental shelf of Jenghe (Spinward Marches 1810).

The surface of Jenghe is mostly ocean with small island communities which depend on commercial fishing as their main export. Leviathan produce eggs four times per year and a fully mature female can have as much as 60 liters within her egg producing organs if harvested correctly.

The harvest and export of Leviathan parts to include the egg are regulated by the planetary government. The semi-strict regulation prevents over harvesting and drives up the export market. Luxury restaurants on Regina are famous for high end deep caviar imported from Jenghe. It is not uncommon for a liter of eggs purchased at dockside on Jenghe for 10 credits to sell on Regina (Spinward Marches 1910) for 5 to 10 times that amount.

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