Debarrean Bear

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Debarrean Bear
Base Information
Classification Carnivore
Social Structure
Homeworld Debarre (world)
Multi-world No
Canon No
Reference BARD OPAL 9518

The Debarrean Bear is an agressive, carnnivorous lifeform native to Debarre (world).

  • A predator covered in armor plates. It is fast, strong, and very deadly.
  • Very favored by interstellar safari hunters.

Physiology and ecology[edit]

About the size of a Terran Rhino.

Life Cycle and reproduction[edit]

No information yet available.

Diet and trophics[edit]

No information yet available.

History and background[edit]

Debarre is a heavily forested world of few distinguishing physical features or important resources. Imperial hunters discovered that the world possessed diverse fauna, some of them big and dangerous.

Most notable of the local fauna was the Debarrean Bear, a huge 1800 kilogram (3968.32072 Pounds)(1.98416036 Tons) predator covered in armor plates. It was also fast, strong and very deadly. For Imperial nobility and idle rich in Lunion, Vilis and Five Sisters Subsector, hunting the bear was the ultimate extreme sport.

Even with the most modern weapons and equipment, many hunters lost their lives to the bear, prompting an Amber Zone rating. Of course this only enhanced the allure, and eventually a community of guides and outfitters sprouted up to support the hunts. Weapon restrictions were enforced to make the hunts more "fair" (risky). And the casualty rate remained fairly constant with few fluctuations. Unfortunately, the bear's population began to diminish, thanks to the bacchanal hunting methods and the nonexistence of either limits or normal conservation practices.

The fun ended with the Collapse. Fearful that the world would become a contraband funnel, thanks to its rich clientèle and apparent disregard for safety, the Regency settled an ecological movement on the world in the aftermath of the Rape of Trin. The Greens, as the called themselves, imposed hunting limits, cleared out the more disagreeable hunters and shifted the economy towards ecologically sound forestry and wetland agriculture. This strictness, coupled with the disenfranchisement of a significant portion of the world’s clientèle, has led to clashes with poachers and would be filibusters. And the bears still manage to take a few lives.

Travellers' Aid Society Advisory[edit]

The Travellers' Aid Society (TAS) classifies the Debarrean Bear as VERY DANGEROUS to most sophonts and advises great caution when in the presence of this organism.

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