Darthanon Queen

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Darthanon Queen
Darthanon Queen.jpg
Publisher Judges Guild
Version Classic Traveller
Author Ray HarmsMichael ReaganDan Hauffe
Format Book
Canonical 0
Edition 1st
Year Published 1980
Pages 32
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All scenarios in this adventure take place on board the Darthanon Queen, a standard Type M subsidized Merchant currently in the service of the Val’Tor Lines, on the Jumhuriyah to Gheelis run. The Val’Tor Line is partly subsidized by the Imperial Government to provide courier service in Subsector Guadix Drift.

What is happening on the Darthanon Queen? This Traveller Adventure pits the players against the unknown. Three basic scenarios can be used separately or combined into many possible adventures.

This 32 page book includes pullout 15mm Ship Plans in two colors plus Map of Gaudix Drift Subsector. Crew and Passengers of the Darthanon Queen are detailed along with the Crews of two possible Rescue Ships, the Nova Hawk and the Lucky Winds.

Three scenarios set on a subsidized merchant ship, including one in which a monster is loose. Set in the Ley Sector, with details of the Gaudix Drift subsector and the alien Dyson race.

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction ... 3
Scenario No. I ... 4
Crew and Passengers ... 5
The Dyson ... 9
Scenario No. II ... 13
Scenario No. III ... 19
Subsidised Merchant Type M ... 20
Rooms ... 21
Ship's Diagram ... 25
Gaudix Drift Subsector ... 28
Rescue Ships ... 29


Authors: Ray Harms, Michael Reagan, Dan Hauffe
Art: Kevin Siembieda, Peter Jenkins