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Interstellar federation consisting of the worlds of Ishag (Zarushagaar 1323), homeworld of the Darmine people, Dineal (Zarushagaar 1324) and Nidke (Zarushagaar 1325).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The original Darmine Corporate was a trade consortium formed during the Rule of Man and lasting until it was absorbed into the Imperium after the Ilelish Pacification Campaign.

  • The Corporate was more of an interstellar trade consortium than federation.
  • It regulated trade, but such matters as diplomacy and security were left up to its member worlds.
  • At its height it covered five subsectors.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

When Dulinor was preparing his bid for power, he targeted the Darmine region for a subtle public relations campaign. In some respects, the campaign was a success. It renewed interest and pride in the Darmine culture. Unfortunately for Dulinor's plans, the destruction caused by the Rebellion and the questionable moral position of both Dulinor and Lucan appalled the Darmine. As a result, the Archduke never gained the base of popular support he needed in the region.

  • On 334-1119, Ishag, Dineal and Nidke signed the Dineal Accords which inaugurated the new Darmine Corporate. The intention of the three worlds was to introduce some stability into the Liasdi subsector by restoring commerce disrupted by the Rebellion.
  • The Corporate soon found that trade alone was not enough. In early 1120, the Accords were amended to give broad military and foreign policy powers to the consortium. As part of the amendment, a unified government was created,transforming the Corporate into a federation.
  • An aggressive recruitment campaign yielded quick results. Driudin (Zarushagaar 1326), Siiskig (Zarushagaar 1223) and Warth (Zarushagaar 1525) were admitted to the Corporate on 123-1120.
  • Assistance to the Darmine government came from an unexpected source. The so-called Darmine Underground worked to free political prisoners, influence governments and advance the cause of peace. Consisting mainly of individuals of Darmine descent, the Underground did these things without the consent of, and often in defiance of, local authority.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

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Capitol: 1116[edit]

The capital of this polity is located at:

World Listing: 1116[edit]

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