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The NSS Dark Mistress is the lead named ship model of the Dark Mistress class Yacht.

  • It's a not widely known to be a starship.
  • It is used as an orbital casino most of the time in geosynchronous orbit over the planet Tsorva (world).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Another quality product of the Nist (world) shipyards. Upon mustering out many local nobles obtain these vessels as playthings in the furtherance of their careers. The habitation life ring works as a spin habitat and the cargo space has been largely converted into a small casino. The cylindrical spindle of the ship's hull hangs perpendicular to the surface of the world. Partially streamlined and capable of gas giant wilderness refueling. The fusion reactors, jump drive with fluted cooling radiator vanes form the prow of the ship just behind the bow sensor domes. The bow avionics bay has the system range communication laser, maser and radio arrays, and the passive and active EMS sensors. Triple 1/3 G maneuver gimbles are positioned forward in a tractor configuration with a 120 degree separation. These three reactionless thrusters pull the ship forward. When relative motion and acceleration is not being applied and a stable orbital insertion has been achieved, the life ring deploys to full radius and spins as a thin torus. Aft of this is the command bridge and computer core, and finally the boat deck with the ship's many vehicles and craft. All of the hull surfaces are rendered in a non-oxidizing matte black stealth coating, a hold over from their military ancestry.

"Dark Mistress" - Dark Mistress class Yacht[edit]

The crew of this ship are:

  1. The Pilot of this vessel is Kensington Beau:
Noble Knight A5568B 2m 100kg blond/blue Age 38 5 Terms 
Cr. 0 Yacht, Foil Foil-1, Pilot-1, Carousing-1, Bribery-1 

When trying to be discrete he will refer to himself as Ken Bo, as a poor attempt at an alias. A lantern jaw and dimpled chin, his large muscular frame hints to an athletic past. A spotless suit of vintage reflect armor with a full contoured gleaming helmet. A faint grinning skull is barely visible as a hologram in the polarized, mirror shaded full visor. The helmet features a 0.1kg long range head set radio with sub vocal throat mic for summoning minions. The HUD has near miss indicators and IR/LI targeting reticles. From his right hip hangs his prized fighting rapier with gleaming chrome hand guard and quillions. 2. Medic Doctor Uri Mengalo:

Other 6844B8 1.96m 87kg balding grey/black Age 34 4 Terms 
Cr. 30,000 Dagger Medic-3, Gambling-1, Dagger-1 

10kg medical kit, (9) insanely sharp throwing scalpels, surgical instruments A strange, quiet man with a PHD in philosophy from a virtual, online university, it should be emphasized that he did not attend med school, served no residency and is not licensed to practice medicine in most systems. However, he has the skills of a surgeon and a bedside manor usually reserved for a morgue or asylum. 3. Engineer Ensign "Sparks":

Navy 2GD2BTRU ACACC2 1.5m 40kg black/blue Age "26" 2 Terms 
Cr. 0 Engineering-1, Computer-1, Brawling-2, Demolitions-1 

She claims to have served in the Tsorva (world) navy. There is no record of that. "Oh, TL–4 paperwork..." When querried about her family, she claims to have some sisters from the moon of Cryophage. She moves with the inhuman grace of a dancer wedded to a pouncing cat. She will sometimes absent-mindedly back flip, cartwheel or walk over, as if on a tumbling run while walking down a ship's corridor. 4. Steward, Valet, Butler, Chauffeur, Batsman Mr. Elijah Prymm:

Other 34A7B4 1.6m 60kg black/brown Age 58 10 Terms 
Cr. 96,850 Air/Raft-2, ATV-1, Ship's Boat-1, Forward Observer-1, Forgery-1, Streetwise-1, Vacuum Suit-1, Steward-1 

A serene man of near infinite patience and control. He moves with a slow deliberate efficiency. As still as a belter, he is calm and quiet. He rarely speaks and bows and nods to acknowledge requests and inquiries. He rarely leaves Kensinton's side. 5. Gunner/Casino Manager Lance Armstrong:

Lieutenant Commander Navy C99A88 1.99m 103kg brown/hazel Age 34 4 Terms 
Cr.  Navigation-1, Admin-1, Gunner-2, Ship's Boat-1, Vacuum Suit-1, Snub Pistol-1

Handsome, suave and debonair he has a confident ease to him. Irresistible to the ladies, he battles five o'clock shadow all day, and likes an expensive gold precision chronometer/inertial locator on his wrist. He drinks expensive liquor and wears the latest cologne to accent his sartorial splendor. His tailored suits allow him to cut a distinguished figure as he directs casino operations with military precision.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This outfit has obtained an interesting assortment of equipment and materials over the years as patrons struggle to liquidate assets to pay their gambling debts. An entire platoon of surplus Harpy class Air/Rafts from the recently deactivated 58th Lift Rifle Battalion found their way into their hands.

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