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Advanced Cybernetic Hand
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Cost Cr5,000+
Size 0.2 liters
Type Cyberware
Tech Level TL–8+
Weight 0.5 kg
Manufacturer Various

A Cyberdeck is a sophisticated device used to access cyberspace.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Public-access information, such as promotional materials, public accounts and so forth can generally be viewed in cyberspace without any difficulty, accessed through white colored nodes that act as navigation hubs. Hidden data, private and restricted data and data rivers can only be viewed and manipulated with successful intrusion.


Intrusion rests on overcoming a node’s security. To attempt intrusion one must be using a cyberdeck in order to launch a direct but discreet assault. The deck’s capacity to run software is important.

  • If the Security program is equipped with a Hunter/Killer program – usually only available at higher levels of security – the Hunter/Killer launches a reverse attack immediately against the intruding deck.


The amount of time that a jockey has within a penetrated node depends on how long they can stay hidden from internal detection programs, known as Watchdogs. These are constantly alert for (and hunting down) unfamiliar data signatures within the computer system that they protect.

  • Software running on the cyberdeck can extend this time or render the deck invisible to Watchdogs.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Successfully within a node, one is free to peruse, manipulate, modify, copy or destroy data. This requires an appropriate program to be running; there are discrete programs for each type of data. Some programs have one function (such as copy or delete), while others have multiple functions. The more functions, the higher the program’s level.

  • Doing any action to data, be it a simple copy or a more destructive approach, takes time.
  • Data sets have their own protection algorithms that slow-down manipulation speeds of assaulting decks. How long it takes to manipulate any set of data, irrespective of what it is, depends on the data type.

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