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The Cryptobibliography article provides a list of Traveller books that were proposed by various publishers, but which ultimately never saw the light of day (...for various reasons).

  • Some of these books have ISBN numbers; please note that, despite having been allocated ISBN numbers, these books were never published and thus cannot be purchased.

Please see the following Traveler RPG Wiki Library Data articles for more information:
Traveller: (Where it all started...)

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Creative teams often pitch a multiplicity of ideas. Not all of them see the light of day for a variety of reasons. These are the books that didn't reach publication... that we know about.


Classic Traveller[edit]

  • From p. 48, Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society (No. 13): By Christmas, we should have the Traveller Adventure ready, and volumes coming in the 12-24 months include:
    • The Traveller Alien,
    • The Traveller Encyclopedia,
    • The Traveller Fleet, and...
    • The Traveller Soldier.
  • Contributor's Note:
    • The Traveller Adventure was published in 1983.
    • The other volumes mentioned above were not published, at least not in the original format.
    • Aliens were instead covered in a series of "Alien Races" books;
    • the Encyclopedia was split into two Supplements, Library Data (A-M) and Library Data (N-Z); and...
    • the Fleet became Supplement 9: Fighting Ships.


  • FLASHBACK Historical adventuring in the Imperium's past: Somewhere, ages ago, a squad caught the edges of a devastating radiation blast. Rather than die lonely deaths, its members swore a pact to seek out a cure, then they retired to cold sleep. Every time they awake, they come out in a nexus of history. They are there when the Long Night falls, when the Imperium is founded, when Nicholle is assassinated, when the Civil War ends, and more. They are travellers in time the only way possible forward, ever forward. And their greatest challenge awaits them when they reach the present!
    • 5 Desperate Adventures in the Rebellion.
    • Sourcebook and Adventure Module.
    • The Rebellion is sweeping the Imperium, and in its wake, it has disrupted the very fabric of Imperial society. Rebels’ Tales is a sourcebook of information about the Rebellion and its effects on the Imperium. Rebels’ Tales provides an opportunity for players to use the information in the sourcebook as they play five desperate scenarios set against the background of the Rebellion.
    • Coming in November 1990.
    • 96 pages
    • Stock Number 0220
    • $10.00
    • Publisher: GDW
    • The proud warrior race.
    • The Aslan are a young race of intelligent beings, evolving on their own world of Kusyu to spinward of Sol, and their emergence on the interstellar scene has been relatively recent. Proud male Aslan are bent on the possession of land in large quantities, and the ihatai, or second sons, have propelled the race through the stars. Female Asian, typically more business-minded and practical, administer the businesses of the clans, running a huge star-spanning nation known as the Aslan Hierate.
    • 48 pages
    • Stock Number 0254
    • $7.00
    • Publisher: GDW
    • ISBN 0-943580-03-X
    • Complete design rules for robots in the MegaTraveller universe.
    • The high-tech stellar civilization of the Imperium has been developing the science of robotics for centuries -improving, adapting, modifying robots for all types of tasks. At the lower end of the spectrum are common working robots, capable of carrying out a few routine tasks At the upper end are pseudobiological robots able to imitate human beings almost down to the finest detail. Get robots into your MegaTraveller campaign!
    • 48 pages
    • Stock Number 0344
    • $6.00
    • Publisher: GDW
    • ISBN 0-943580-10-2
    • This book was published as Book 8 in Classic Traveller. Its replacement by DGP was to be called "ROBOTS AND CYBORGS".

Contributor's Note: None of the above books were ever published, as MegaTraveller was superceded by the publication by GDW of Traveller: The New Era.

Traveller: The New Era[edit]

  • Reformation Coalition Player's Handbook

Both were planned but never completed.

Paranoia Press[edit]

From the back cover of Merchants & Merchandise:

  • Aliens & Artifacts: Four new races (mentioned in the Library Data in the Vanguard Reaches and Beyond) with complete character generation system and artifacts and weapons used by them. Nr 01006. Available Soon
  • Traveller data sheets: Large format booklet containing several copies of our popular Data Sheets series: Planetary, System, Personal, Ship's Papers, and Starship Log Entry. Also featured are new tables and system s for determining additional details of the Traveller universe. Nr. 2501. Available Soon
  • Ryker's catalog of arms vol 1, Nr 1: First edition in a continuing series of military and civilian weapons, vehicles, and other equipment for use with Traveller. Catalog sheets in a ziplock bag: Nr 03101. Available Soon


From page 1, Vilani & Vargr: The Coreward Races (volume 1):

  • Additional titles in this series include:
    • Solomani and Aslan: The Rimward Races (volume 2)
    • Zhodani and Droyne: The Psionic Races (volume 3)
    • K'kree and Hiver: The Exotic Races (volume 4)
    • Humans and Nonhumans: The Minor Races (volume 5)
    • Contributor's Note
    • Only volumes 1 and 2 were ever published. Volumes 3, 4 and 5 were never published, as DGP went out of business.

The following information is taken from the editorial on page 3 of Travellers Digest number 20:

  • Manhunt (Onnesium Quest Trilogy, Vol 1): The first in a trilogy of adventures where the player characters seek out the fabled Victory Belt, a mythical planetoid belt of untold wealth in Onnesium-118.
    • A GenCon '90 release.
    • 56 pages,
    • $8.95.
    • On schedule (more or less)...
    • (The Solomani and Aslan book and Flaming Eye campaign book are mentioned in the above paragraph, but omitted here as those books were published.)

In the works, but no definite release date...

  • Robots and Cyborgs: Updated robot design rules for MegaTraveller, plus new rules for creating cyborg characters. Also incorporates 101 Robots, with new art.
  • Starship Operator's Manual (Vol 2): More information on jump drive physics, annual maintenance, skill certification, acquiring used starships, and alternative drive systems. Includes copious details of the 100-ton Scout-Courier and its many variations.
  • Grand Explorations: Going beyond charted space into the great unknown. Includes new rules on exploratory missions and colonization as well as a new world generation system for star systems beyond charted space. Also incorporates four adventures to give the referee ideas on how to run exploratory adventures in MegaTraveller. It is available on CoTI thanks to Mike Mikesh.

Behind schedule -

  • Black Duke: We've all agreed on a working outline (finally). Writing is now underway.
  • World Builder's on Computer: The software was partially done and went back to drawing board for redesign. Trust us: the wait will be worth it!
  • Second Survey on Computer: Roughly half of the 37 sectors of data has been updated to the current Imperial date of 1120. Once the other half has been updated, this will be released. Again. You will be glad we took the extra time to make sure this data is right!

Games Workshop[edit]

According to Dark Star I the following books were planned, but not published


According to the Far Futures page, the following books were planned, but not published:

  • Adventure 10 - Target: Assassin
  • Double Adventure - Piracy / Stardust
  • Starport Module Two - Orbiting Base
  • A Far Frontiers sector supplement manuscript was prepared by Dale L. Kemper for FASA, but was unpublished when FASA ended their Traveller line. The details were later republished in Ares Magazine and the Traveller Chronicle. The author also occasionally sells copies of his manuscript.
  • Issue #3 of Far Traveller was also prepared by Dale L. Kemper for FASA, but remained unpublished by FASA. The author occasionally sells copies of his manuscript.

Imperium Games[edit]

  • Book F Nobles in Marc Miller's Traveller was supposed to be "Nobles", a look at the Sylean and early Imperial Nobility. The book never got beyond the concept stage before Imperium Games folded.

Steve Jackson Games[edit]

  • GURPS Traveller: Imperial Navy
    • A book long on the wish list, and still seen on the list of GURPS Traveller books. A manuscript for this book was written, and went into playtest. Shortly after the playtest was completed, the book was withdrawn for unknown reasons.
    • A second manuscript was written by Martin Dougherty and Neil Frier but never made it past the first draft stage. Several years later Martin published his manuscript, minus the game rules, as Grand Fleet.

Avenger Enterprises[edit]

  • Avenger Enterprises is Martin Dougherty's company for publishing gaming materials including Traveller material.
    • At the end of November 2008, Avenger's official license to publish Traveller materials expired and Avenger could no longer sell any of their books.
    • Some of these books have been republished through Mongoose Publishing.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In some cases, the hopefuls didn't reach publication, but the manuscripts were kept. A few such authors sell these often unfinished and unpublished manuscripts.

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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