Cripple Fleet

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A name given to those vessels of the Last Armada that didn’t make it all the way to the Demon Cluster, instead breaking down en route, misjumping, or otherwise falling behind.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The loss of even a single vessel represented a disproportionate loss to the Last Armada and to Terran culture as a whole.

  • The name is a misnomer - ships were lost individually, and it is unlikely that any major vessels that fell behind operated together, let alone functioned as an extant fleet. The concept, however, is comforting.

A number of vessels are known to have fallen behind:

Known Losses[edit]

History & Background[edit]

The vessels of the Cripple Fleet are believed to have been lost in in the various sectors to trailing of the Distant Fringe, in the rimward parts of the Where The Stars End region.

Possible Human Settlement[edit]

Historians argue that there are very probably unknown human-settled worlds within the Where The Stars End region, most likely within its rimwart parts, populated by descendants of the Cripple Fleet.

The ships of the Cripple Fleet had healthy and viable crews and carried settlers and pioneers in long-term cold sleep, large numbers of Artificial Gestation Units, vast banks of embryos, and substantial quantities of supplies. It would be very unfortunate if all were lost without being able to settle one or more worlds. To date, none of these supposed lost settlements have made any form of contact.

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