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A Stateroom is an area aboard a vessel set aside for crew and passengers.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Stateroom is a measure of the internal space given over to use by passengers and crew. Most Staterooms as installed have a volume of 4.0 Tons, though not all of this space is necessarily a single room: a percentage of each Stateroom's volume may be taken up by necessary access such as a corridor or given over to a shared fresher, a galley, a communal lounge, or similar facilities. Typically a Stateroom includes one or more small cabins defined by partition walls and equipped with doors, storage space for clothing, equipment, and personal items, and items of furniture.

  • Staterooms are supplied with basic life support needs (...a breathable atmosphere) and have environmental systems (lighting and heating). On ships of TL-8 or more, staterooms usually include grav plates and inertial compensators. Most staterooms include a compact entertainment system.
  • Staterooms are usually designed to function with thin, standard, and dense atmospheric environmental settings as standard. Very thin or exotic atmospheres or other specialized environments usually require an Environmental Tank with an associated Airlock.
  • A stateroom usually has a control panel enabling lighting and temperature to be set to preferred levels. More sophisticated designs may allow the gravity, humidity or air pressure to be adjusted.
  • Staterooms may contain Emergency Lockers.
  • Most staterooms can be locked by their occupants and contain a secure locker for personal effects. The captain, other senior officers and any stewards assigned to the stateroom have access to master keys.

Passenger Accommodations[edit]

Standard Stateroom:

  • Standard Stateroom (2 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 1 passenger.

Other Staterooms:

  • Luxury Suite (6 Tons), private fresher. Accommodates 1 passenger.
  • Standard Suite (4 Tons), private fresher. Accommodates 1 passenger.
  • Small/Double (2 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 2 passengers in bunks.
  • Triple (2 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 3 passengers in bunks.
  • Cramped (2 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 4 passengers in bunks.
  • Steerage (0.5 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 6 passengers in bunks (2 per 8-hour cycle).

Crew Accommodations[edit]


  • Officer (4 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 1 crew.
  • Suite (2 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 1 crew.
  • Double (2 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 2 crew in bunks.
  • Triple (2 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 3 crew in bunks.
  • Cramped (2 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 4 crew in bunks.


  • Spacer Niche (1 Ton), no fresher. Accommodates 1 crew.
  • Spacer Bunks (0.5 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 2 crew in bunks.
  • Spacer Hotbunks (0.5 Tons), no fresher. Accommodates 6 crew in bunks (2 per 8-hour shift).

Associated Facilities[edit]

  • Common areas, including corridors and access ways.
  • A lounge and galley area.
  • Shared fresher (0.5 Tons). Serves 4 individuals.
  • Common fresher (1 Ton). Serves 10 individuals.
  • Clinic/triage (2 Tons). Basic medical supplies

Other Usage[edit]


The interior space offered by Staterooms may also be purposed to a variety of other roles. Most commonly, these include:

  • Storage space
  • Ward rooms, offices
  • Machine shops, workshops, laundry
  • Assembly areas, ready rooms
  • Gymnasiums/training facilities
  • Strong room/Mail Vault
  • Ship's brig


Vessels such as Liners may have large blocks of internal space formally noted as staterooms but set aside as dedicated leisure facilities. Such amenities may include:

  • Spas and gymnasiums: these may include "adventure sports" such as climbing, swimming or zero-gee play.
  • Communications and media centers, business centers
  • Cafes, restaurants, and dining rooms, often served by specialized kitchens
  • Promenades, observation decks, day rooms, quiet rooms, nurseries, educational facilities
  • Bars and clubs
  • Shops, boutiques and galleries
  • Entertainment complexes/hologram suites
  • Casinos and banking
  • Plazas, green spaces or aquariums (these may also function as hydroponics facilities)

Medicine and Science[edit]

The volume afforded by Staterooms aboard some vessels may instead be used as medical facilities or for scientific research. Depending on the size of the crew and the role the vessel is intended to fill, these may include:

  • Administrative offices and archives of records
  • Infirmaries, dispensaries, operating theaters
  • Trauma centers, rehabilitation facilities
  • Laboratories, technical equipment, test areas
  • Specialized medical facilities such as burns units or decontamination suites
  • Wards
  • Quarantine facilities
  • Morgue

Some vessels may be specifically fitted out as Hospital Ships or Research Ships.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Staterooms are typically designed to hold one or more individual sophonts of approximately the same size and needs as humans. Physically smaller races such as the Droyne need less space, while larger races such as Virushi require correspondingly larger Staterooms. Races such as the K'kree may entirely dispense with formally laid out Staterooms (and indeed any form of internal partitioning), instead creating a large open-plan living space.

Staterooms may be modified as required. Bulkhead walls – an intrinsic element of the hull – may not be moved but internal partitions, doorways, and fixtures and fittings can be rearranged as desired. Outwardly identical types of vessel may have very different internal layouts.

Vessels of the Terran Confederation were known for particularly bleak and spartan crew accommodations, with almost all crew "hotbunking". Vilani vessels of the same era had comparatively sumptuous crew quarters, leading many Terran naval personnel to believe that the Vilani were somehow "soft" or "weak" because of their generous and comfortable living arrangements.

Similar or Related Terms for Residency Quarters[edit]

  1. Bunk Room
  2. Cabin
  3. Crew Quarters
  4. Crew Stateroom
  5. Passenger Stateroom
  6. Quarters
  7. Wardroom

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