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Protruding its boundaries into the several subsectors, the Council of Leh Perash is a Hiver client state spread across 42 systems — eight of which lie in the Hinterworlds.

This state takes its name from the meeting which gave birth to the state. Humans and human minor races compose only 20 percent of the council's population, with the other 80 percent being Jenda (a minor alien race indigenous to the realm) and other Federation races.



Government & Politics[edit]

The Council of Leh Perash is a Federation characterized by a low degree of governmental centralization and a weak bureaucracy that gives a high degree of sovereignty (freedom) to local (planetary) governments and sometimes suffers from a poor ability to create unified policy. The Council of Leh Perash government is usually classified as an Association, a type of Federation.

Technology & Trade[edit]

Though operating at TL–13, the council is known, primarily, for its outstanding achievements in genetic engineering — the source of its primary exports. Its products range from modification in the human genome to tailored microorganisms. Part of its success is due to the nature of Jenda genetics and their fresh approach to the field.

The planet Sysix (Hinterworlds 2935 B623300-B), along the council's spinward edge, serves not only as a major trade world for Hiver goods, but is also supporting extensive Federation trade exploration ventures in Aquila, Tempri, and Sontra subsectors.

Recently, these missions have had some heated contact with Solomani traders working the spinward sectors, but tensions seemed to have dropped suddenly, without any apparent explanation.

Military & Intelligence[edit]

The government has been experimenting with some genetically engineered military forces for dealing with exterior aggressive species, who may not be the pacifists that the Hivers are. One formation rumored to have seen limited use is the Consular Security Research Group. The Leh Perash Consular Navy has numerous defensive squadrons which feature several native build TL–13 designs.

History & Background[edit]


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