Corsairs of the Turku Waste

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Corsairs of the Turku Waste
Corsairs of the Turku Waste.jpg
Publisher Judges Guild
Version Classic Traveller
Author Dave Sering
Format Book
Canonical 0
Edition 1st
Year Published 1982
Pages 32
Available from RPGNow
Table of Contents
Introduction 3
System and planetary description 3
Judge's information 4
Corsair starship description 5
Corsair ship crew description 7
Merchant vessel description 9
Pirate base description 10
Type P ship plan 15
Base plans 16
Boarding Party (scenario 1) 19
Assault on the pirate hideout (scenario 2) 20
Escape from the pirate hideout (scenario 3) 21
Salvage of the Corsair wreck (scenario 4) 22
Planetary map 24
Mellansel planetary description 25
Mellansel planetary encounters 25
corsair Type P Ship Plan 27
Prisoner work crews 28
Pirate Notables 28
Random thug table 29
High Guard ship listing 29
Ship to Ship combat 30
Area of pirate operations (subsector map) 32

32-page adventure. Contains details on the planet Mellansel, the Space Pirates and Corsairs operating in the sector, and the hidden pirate base. Details and deck plans for a Hellbeast Type P Corsair Starship. Plus four scenarios.

Space Pirates and Corsairs, Combat in Deep Space, Escape from the hidden base

Meta-history & Background[edit]

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Table of Contents[edit]

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Turku (world)