Commandant class Dreadnaught

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Commandant class Dreadnaught
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Non-canon fan design.
Type: BDNA Heavy Dreadnought
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Architect Ronald B. Kline, Jr.
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Cargo 968 Tons
Cost MCr643,786.1616  in quantity 515,028.92
Crew 6,814 with 1,526 marines
Officers 1400
Enlisted 5414
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Hardpoints 6,450
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Jump J-3
Maneuver 5 G
Manufacturer Various
Marines 1,526
Model TBD
Origin Strend Cluster
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 645,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–14
Starships are designed with the Classic Traveller format, using High Guard Shipyard v1.13 written by Andrea Vallance.

The Commandant class Dreadnaught is an enormous and very intimidating class of TL–14 Dreadnoughts.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

They are the major combatant, and a major ship of the line. The Strend Navy relies on this class to meet and destroy the enemy quickly and efficiently. Few Imperial or Zhodani designs can match its firepower.

Basic Ship Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Navy and IISS Universal Ship Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (of ten craft) carried on the ship. Tonnage on the universal ship profile is shown in kilotons (thousands of tons) where necessary. [1]

Basic Ship Characteristics [2]
#. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage 645,000 tons. Partially streamlined close structure
2. Crew 6,814 with 1,526 marines. There is no low watch to replace crew losses.
3. Performance The jump 3 range is seen as a limitation.
4. Electronics Computer Mk.3 Model 8 fib
5. Hardpoints 6,450 hardpoints.
6. Armament The spinal mounted meson gun is complimented by vast missile batteries.
7. Defenses They have the heaviest possible armor. It has some redundant systems in the event of battle damage.
8. Craft It carries ample support boats, a regiment of marines and their vehicles. There are ten squadrons of fighters, as well.
9. Fuel Treatment Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
10. Cost MCr643,786.1616  in quantity MCr515,028.92
11. Construction Time 36 months.
12. Comments None.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Built at the Strend (TR 0505) (world) in the Trojan Reach Sector.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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