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Comet Coffin class Low Transport
This ship was first created using Mongoose Traveller Second Edition rules. Ship stats are presented below, with consent of the author.

Comet Coffin-class low transport, TL-14
Maintenance: 3,915 credits/month
Crew: pilot, astrogator, medic
MCr: 46.9805
Excess power: 0
Streamlined light hull (36 Hull)______-100__4.5______20
Jump-3 drive (2*reduced fuel)_________12.5__23.4375__30
Thrust-2 maneuver drive_______________2_____4________20
Fusion power plant____________________3_____3________-45
Fuel (J-3 & 4 weeks' operation)_______28____0________0
Fuel processor (convert 20 tons/day)__1_____0.05_____1
Fuel scoops (free w/streamlining)_____0_____0________0
Small bridge__________________________6_____0.25_____0
Basic sensors_________________________0_____0________0
Medical bay___________________________4_____2________1
5 autodocs/TL-14______________________2.5___5________0
60 low berths_________________________30____3________3
Cargo (low passage allowance)_________0.3___0________0
Cargo (non-passenger)_________________0.7___0________0
2 staterooms__________________________8_____1________0
Common area___________________________2_____0.2______0
Software: maneuver/0__________________0_____0________0
Software: library_____________________0_____0________0
Software: expert (Medic)/1____________0_____0.001____0
Software: Intellect/1_________________0_____0.002____0
Software: jump control/3______________0_____0.3______0

"Any human in good health" means a human passenger with END modifier 0 or better (that is, Endurance 6+). Such a passenger needs to roll, after dice modifiers, 2 or better on 2D to survive. This is an automatic success, thus the 100% survival rate. A non-human passenger with END modifier 0 (Endurance 6, 7, or 8) needs to roll a 4 or better - 92% odds, which is the "good chance" referred to in the article.