Combat Hand

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Combat Hand
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Cost Cr200,000
Size 1 liter average
Type Cyberware
Tech Level TL–11
Weight 1 kg average
Manufacturer Various

A Combat Hand is a cyberware device.

  • It is a replacement for an organic manipulator.
  • The exact size and dimensions of the hand are tailored to match the physical characteristics of the recipient.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A battery powered replacement manipulator constructed from strong lightweight materials. It closely matches the dexterity and capabilities of an organic hand.

  • A Combat Hand replaces approximately 3% of the body in humans. In other sophonts, a hand or manipulator may represent a greater or lesser percentage of the body.
  • It may have a pseudobio appearance, with synthetic skin, silent operation and normal body temperatures.
  • Some individuals prefer a colorful or bizarre finish or leave the internal mechanics of the arm exposed.

The Combat Hand directly connects to the individual's nervous system, allowing it to be controlled as though it were a natural limb, and provides heightened sensory feedback such as touch, pressure, texture and temperature. Modifications and devices fitted to the arm may be consciously controlled and directed.

  • The hand provides feedback about its power levels, functionality, and component status.
  • Exceeding the design specifications of the hand may cause it to malfunction, cause injury to the individual, or in extreme cases tear away from the body.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Combat Hand is a life-like prosthesis designed to replace an organic hand. It cannot be an independent upgrade: it must be attached to an Advanced Cybernetic Arm.

Similar devices have been in use since the days of the First Imperium. They reached their modern form through Terran medical advances achieved during the Interstellar Wars period.


The Combat Hand is a configuration modification for the Advanced Cybernetic Arm, but may itself be fitted with a configuration modification. Typical upgrades include:

  • Hand Razors (Weaponization): 10mm retractible blades located in the tips of the digits.
  • Scythes (Weaponization): three 500mm blades that emerge from the back of the hand or from between the knuckles.
  • Integral Pistol (Weaponization): typically a Snub Pistol, but other firearms may be preferred. In most examples one of the digits of the hand folds back to allow the weapon to be fired.
  • Integral Stunner (Weaponization): the hand can deliver a stun to a grasped target.
  • Grasp Bomb: the hand is a detachable unit designed as either a fragmentation, smoke or stun grenade. It can be set to activate through a timer or can be remotely triggered. The hand is destroyed when it is detonated.
  • Armor: the hand may be fitted with armor, either as an integral feature or as external plates.

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