Combat Environment Suit

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Combat Environment Suit
Type Protective gear
Tech Level 10
Size 6l
Weight 2kg
Cost Cr1,000

A neck to toe air-tight suit constructed of ballistic cloth. Generally worn open at the neck and wrists, the combat environment suit can be sealed by donning gauntlets and a clear flexible plastic headpiece. The suit is a military uniform which gives complete protection against most chemical agents, Tainted atmospheres, biological agents, and a moderate defense against radiation. Heat buildup in the suit is handled by a simple, solid-state cooling system that is woven into the garment and that eliminates all infrared signature except on the exposed face, hands, and heat exhaust. The heat exhaust is a very pronounced IR source, but this can be dampened by inserting a chill can into the cooling system. The chill can eliminates the signature for 45 minutes to two hours; at the end of that time, the can is used up.

The combat environment suit is the preferred type of cold weather clothing for people who have any experience with it. Because it manages heat exhaust, it is effective insulation. Light in weight, the suit is very good cold weather clothing

At TL-12, a chameleon surface becomes available for the combat environment suit, combat armor, or battle dress, at an additional cost of Crl000. It selectively bleeds heat to match background IR levels and effectively renders the wearer invisible to IR sensors.

Beginning at TL-12, psionic shielding is available as an option for any armor at an additional cost of Cr4000. Psionic shielding protects the wearer from psionic mind reading and from psionic life sensing.

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