Combat Armour

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Combat Armor
Type Protective gear
Tech Level 11
Size 3l
Weight 18kg
Cost Cr20,000
Combat Armour is a complete vacc-suit-like array of metal and synthetic armor.

This is one of the three common forms of hazardous-duty dress used by the military and paramilitaries of most worlds. These three types of dress are:

  • Environmental Suits (Hazardous Environment Non-Combat Armor) (PROFOR)
  • Combat Armor (Non-powered Combat Armor)
  • Battle Dress (Powered Combat Armor)

Combat armor is strictly military and not available on the open market; it is issued to troop units and elite mercenary battalions.

At TL-12 a chameleon surface becomes available for the combat environment suit, combat armor, or battle dress, at an additional cost of Crl000. It selectively bleeds heat to match background IR levels and effectively renders the wearer invisible to IR sensors.

Beginning at TL-12, psionic shielding is available as an option for any armor at an additional cost of Cr4000. Psionic shielding protects the wearer from psionic mind reading and from psionic life sensing.

Inexpensive when compared to battle dress, combat armor is widespread in military use for higher technology forces, and usually contains integral communications equipment.

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