Colonel Ryan's Rissian Regiment

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Colonel Ryan's Rissian Regiment is a mercenary unit based on Rissa.


Infantry Elements[edit]

10x Infantry Companies, each with 100x officers and men.

  • The troops making up each Company have different levels of armor based on their experience and role. The best troops get the best armor, and the recruits have to live long enough to earn their place.


  • Each company receives 10x 9mm ACRs and 90x 7mm ACRs.
    • Each rifleman gets one 0.5kg 4cm RAM grenade HEAT 32, and a bayonet (0.25kg).
    • Each carries a basic load including 400 rounds of DS ammo, personal equipment and rations.

Each company is issued with 100x 0.4kg non-metallic Claymore anti-personnel mines with wire/laser/radio command links

  • Anti-Personnel Mine: PEN 3, 5cm danger space, Cost: Cr608 each.

Personal Armor[edit]

  • All infantry receive a 0.2kg tactical helmet with a 20 power radio and IR/LI googles. Cost: Cr950.
  • In each company the troops receive personal armor reflecting their role and experience.
    • 20x veteran troops (heavy riflemen) receive a CES (6). Cost: Cr1,000.
    • 60x regular troops (light riflemen) receive Cloth Armour (5). Cost: Cr250.
    • 20 recruits (light riflemen) receive Flak Jackets (3). Cost: Cr100.

The initial encumbrance is 14.45kg for the heavy riflemen and 11.95kg for the light riflemen.

The total cost to equip all the infantry companies is MCr4.138.

Armored Elements[edit]

2x Armored Companies, each with 40x officers and men and 10x tanks.

1x Cavalry Troop, with 30x officers and men and 10x ACVs – capable of moving 80x infantry troopers in a single lift.


Recon Elements[edit]

1x Reconnaissance Company, with 33x officers and men and 11x vehicles.


Air Elements[edit]

1x Air Mobile Company, with 5x flight crew and 5x aircraft – capable of moving an infantry company in one lift.


Artillery Elements[edit]

1x Artillery Battery, with 30x officers and men and 10x vehicles.


Rissian Tracked SPG.

Support Elements[edit]

1x Transport Company, with 114 officers and men and 38x vehicles – capable of transporting three infantry companies.


Rissian Light Utility Tractor.


The Battalion Headquarters has all of the unit's support elements as a centralized pool. These include:

  • Mess with field kitchens and cooks
  • Supply with cargo tracks
  • Medical with company clearing stations, battalion aide stations, and ambulances.
  • Maintenance with workshops and mechanic's vans


On Rissa Colonel Ryan formed his regiment with an eye toward economy of force. He feels that infantry is the key. He built his unit around a block of experienced troops, with strong supporting units and extensive logistics.

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