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Colects are a sociological grouping on the planet Mikakesh (Dagudashaag 2802), as well as the name for the building in which the grouping lives.

Physical structure[edit]

Most Colects are about 1.5 km long. They are single story buildings 3/4 sunk into the surface dust. They contain 150 to 600 people. The inhabitants of each colect are divided into interior areas or dormitories according to age (rather than sex or family divisions).

The colects are divided along the long side, with one half taken up with sifting, refining, and packing machines for the gem dust. The other half of the building is living quarters. About an eighth of the building is devoted to infant care, an eighth devoted to pre-adult children including schooling. The remaining three quarters are evenly divided between the adults, the "midds", and the seniors.

Sociological description[edit]

Colects often define the exact boundaries (both physical and age related) differently. Sociologists note that during their lives the inhabitants of Mikakesh pass through their Colects in a similar fashion to their gem dust.

The clothing in the Colect is a set of yellow pajamas with a floppy pillow like head dress.

The colect inhabitants do not have long-term male-female pair bonding. Sex is regarded as a communal event. The females of Mikakesh undergo significant hormonal changes during their ovulation period, causing noticeable change in body scents.

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