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Bibliography of Classic Traveller Material. This has by far, the greatest number of publications.

Game Designers' Workshop[edit]

Classic Traveller Books[edit]

Classic Traveller Games[edit]

Classic Traveller Supplements[edit]

Classic Traveller Adventures[edit]

Classic Traveller Double Adventures[edit]

Classic Traveller Alien Modules[edit]

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society (Magazine) Classic Traveller[edit]

Challenge (Magazine) Classic Traveller[edit]

Digest Group Publications[edit]

Steve Jackson Games[edit]

  • Cardboard Heroes
  1. Soldiers of Fortune - Cardboard Heroes, Set 1
  2. Imperial Marines - Cardboard Heroes, Set 2
  3. Zhodani - Cardboard Heroes, Set 3


  1. Escape - Adventure
  2. Gazelle Class Close Escort - Deck Plans
  3. Module 1: The Corporation - Plans
  4. Module 2: Research Facility - Plans
  5. Module 3: Merchant Class Ships - Deck Plans
  6. Tenth Anniversary Poster