Civilian Starship Types

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Starship Types (Civilian) Broad Ship Types[edit]

Civilian vessels fall into four broad categories:

Mercantile Vessels This first category of starship are mercantile vessels constructed primarily for commerce and focused on interstellar transportation of goods and passengers. Many mercantile vessels of this class (merchants) have jump capability, but there are spaceships in many systems without jump capabilities whose focus is on inter-system transportation.
Non-commercial Vessels This starship category includes vessels whose primary purpose is non-commercial, usually for a local government service or in the service of an empire (i.e. They do not generate revenue from operation). These include civilian law enforcement (paramilitary), customs vessels, survey vessels, and non-military support vessels. Most, but not all, non-commercial vessels have jump capability. Corsairs (pirates) are an exception to the rule since they are clearly commercial in nature, but are not legal or sanctioned, in most cases. Sanctioned corsairs are usually called privateers.
Commercial Vessels Commerce vessels category includes both interstellar and inter-system ships. The focus of this class of vessel is performing jobs other than transporting cargo and passengers. These vessels are often used for specialized businesses including commercial transport vessels, mining vessels, construction vessels, and prospectors. Many commercial vessels do not have jump capabilities. This class includes mercenary vessels who perform combatant commerce.
Auxiliary Vessels Auxiliaries are smallcraft that perform utility functions. This group of vessels is primarily used for transporting goods and passengers from space to planetary surfaces. They are also heavily utilized for surface to surface transport. They do not have jump capabilities except for the rare exception of larger auxiliaries.

1. Mercantile (Merchant) Vessels[edit]

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2. Non-Commercial Vessels[edit]

3. Commercial Vessels[edit]

4. Auxiliary Vessels[edit]

  • Cutter - Various
  • Gig - Various
  • Launch - Various
  • Lifeboat - Various

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