Chubb Panda

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Chubb Panda
Base Information
Classification Scavengers/carrion-eater
Terrain Unknown
Locomotion Unknown
Size 1.0 m / 30 kg
Speed Unknown
Strength Unknown
Social Structure Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Armor Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Multi-world Yes
Canon Yes
Extinct Extant
Reference Journal of the Travellers Aid Society No. 15

Chubb Panda (Creature) Synopsis[edit]

Chubb Pandas are moderate sized scavengers with an ability to ingest a wide range of materials.

Chubb Panda (Creature) Physiology & Ecology[edit]

They are generally solitary animals with a cantankerous personality.

Chubb pandas are armed with a set of sharp claws, capable of digging significant burrows. Their favored habitat is open fields, making them a bane of farmers everywhere.

Chubb Panda (Creature) Life Cycle & Reproduction[edit]

Despite the solitary nature, they are also fairly prolific breeders, indicating they were prey animals in their original habitat.

Chubb Panda (Creature) Diet & Trophics[edit]

Chubb Pandas are scavengers with an ability to ingest a wide range of materials.

Chubb Panda (Creature) History & Background[edit]

As scavengers, their fur and meat is un-useable for any commercial products. Their solitary nature and personality makes them unsuitable for training.

Chubb Panda (Creature) TAS Advisory[edit]


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