Children's Air/Raft

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Children's Air/Raft

Tech Level 12
Cost 750
Mode flight
Speed 5kph
Cargo 50kg
Crew 1
Passengers 1
Armament none

This was one of the first products from Angler's Cost and aimed at children ages 3-6. The original scrap design used a pair of grav-chute modules and six batteries from TL–12 man-pack field communicator, along with a hand computer to pretend to be an air/raft.

The controls are exact miniatures of a real air/raft, and the hand computer includes a very slightly modified version of the standard Imperial Military computer-aided-training class on operating air/rafts. The vehicle is 1.5 meters long by 1 meter wide by 40cm thick, with two small seats (originally from backpack pads) and a little cargo box.

The performance is minimal: Pilot, passenger and cargo cannot exceed 50kg. Max speed is 5 kph. Max altitude is 2 meters. Battery duration is one hour. The hand computer lands when the battery is down to 10 minutes. There is a button to cause the unladen vehicle to move slow-and-low (10cm high, 3kph) back to the charging stand. (Mom or Dad does need to help with the PM on these...)

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