Cheveldi class Battleship

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Cheveldi class Battleship
Cheveldi class Battleship
Type: BA Heavy Battleship
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Cargo 609 Tons
Cost MCr383,357.41
Qty: MCr 306,685.928
Crew 3,548 with 1,000 Marines
Officers TBD
Enlisted TBD
Hardpoints 3,000
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Jump J-2
Maneuver 6 G
Model TBD
Origin Zhodani
Passengers 0 High/Med 500 Low
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Size 300,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–14
Cheveldi class Battleship

The Cheveldi class Battleship is a ship serving with the Zhodani Navy.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Cheveldi class is equipped with only jump-2, yet has 6-G acceleration and agility 6, a type S meson gun spine and sufficient missile and fusion weapons to defeat even the most stubborn planetary defenses.

Tonnage: 300,000 tons (standard). 4,200,000 cubic meters.
Crew: 355 officers. 2,304 ratings.
Performance: Jump-2. 6-G. Power plant-11. 33,000 EP. Agility 6.
Electronics: Model 8/fib computer
Hardpoints: One spinal weapons mount. Fifty 100-ton bays. One hundred 50-ton bays. One thousand four hundred twenty hardpoints.
Armament: Spinal mount meson gun (factor-S). Five hundred fifty triple beam laser turrets organized into 55 batteries. Five hundred TL 14 Fusion Gun turrets organized into 50 batteries. Twenty five 100-ton particle accelerator bays. One hundred 50-ton missile bays.
Defenses: Twenty Five 100-ton repulsor bays. Three hundred seventy triple sandcaster turrets organized into 37 batteries. Meson screen (factor-6). Nuclear Damper (factor-6). Armored hull (factor-14).
Craft: Three 50-ton small craft.
Fuel Treatment: Integral fuel scoops; on-board fuel treatment plant.
Cost: MCr 383,357.41 standard. MCr 306,685.928 in quantity.
Construction Time: 56 months singly; 44 months in quantity.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the Zhodani Navy the Cheveldi-class battleship is considered the leader of the Zhodani assault fleet; designed to move with the assault ships, provide protection, and reduce the planetary defenses in preparation to the invasion. As the leader of the assault fleet, the Cheveldi carries the fleet commander and his battle staff and contains sufficient communications equipment to lead the fleet to victory.

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