Chernozem Expeditionary Force

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Regimental Headquarters 65 men

Lieutenant Colonel
10 Captains
30 Lieutenants
22 Enlisted
12 APCs

Prince's Light Horse (Armored Squadron) 138 men

(3) ARVs
(3) Work Shop Sleds
(3) Troops of Grav Tanks w/ a total of 30 Grav Tanks

(x3) Royal Heavy Infantry Battalions 639 men each

(8) Mess/Field Kitchens, 64 men in 2 platoons
(16) SP Guns 48 men, 2 batteries
(4) Infantry Companies of 10 APC with 120 men each
(1) Troop of Grav Tanks 10 tanks, 30 men
(1) Scout Detachment 17 men, laser rifles, grav belts

Royal University Jump Infantry Battalion (300 men)

(3) Companies of Jump Troops 100 men each (Jump Capsules, Chameleon Combat Armor, 4mm Gauss Rifles, 4cm RAM GL, Grav Belts)

Combat Services Support Battalion (380 men)

Royal Engineers Company 100 men
10 Sapper Sleds, Demo Teams, Mine Clearing/Emplacement, Construction
Command/Signals/EW Company 100 men
10 Command/Control Sleds extensive ECM, jammers, FDC, sensors, battle computers, Map Boxes
Medical Company 160 men
4 Battalion Aid Stations
12 Company Clearing Stations mounted in grav ambulances
Supply Company 20 men
20 Grav Carriers w/drivers

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