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Charonaei is a complex microorganism parasite originating on Ghesaak (Dagudashaag 2437).


Originally it existed in a symbiotic relationship with the native bacteria. It proved to have an unparalleled ability for adapting to change in the ecosystem. On Ghasaak, and in relation to humans, this took the form of a thin, mold-like, transparent layer of over the entire body and within the lungs. This would convert perspiration, body waste, carbon dioxide, and the native UV radiation into oxygen and pressure sufficient to maintain the host, unprotected, even in the planetary vacuum. The production of pure oxygen also simulated the pleasure centers of the brain into a highly euphoric state, causing the infected colonists to be peaceful and contented.

Attempts to take the altered humans off-planet resulted in the organism mutating into a highly infectious disease called Charonaei VSR that attacked the host's nervous system and caused them to become both violent and extremely schizophrenic before the pain killed them within seven to thirty-two days.

History and background[edit]

The disease spread through the Sapphyre Subsector, killing hundred of thousands before severe quarantine procedures prevented further infection. Patients, sent to the quarantine facility on Amamni (Dagudashaag 2436), discovered the disease stabilized allowing them to survive for many years. Their offspring were born with a milder version known as Genetic Charonaei.

Scientists studying the organism are no closer to understanding how it functions. All the forms of Charonaei are now completely contained within the Amamni and Ghesaak systems.

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