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Charming class Battleship

BB-T3345F4-C91106-888K6-0 MCr. 473,046.09  390,000 tons
Bearing     Q   C QQC1X                    Crew: x3,077
Batteries   Z   L ZZL1Y                    TL-12
Cargo: 14.5 tons Frozen Watch Fuel: 18,720 tons EP: 3,120 Agility: 3
Shipboard Security Detail: 52 Marines: 300   Drop Capsules: 50 (plus 250 Ready)
Craft: x10 50T Cutter
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: x1 Model/6 fib ship computer, x1 Factor-1 Nuclear Damper, x1 Factor-1 Meson Screen
Substitutions: Y = 32 Z = 40
Architects Fee: MCr 504.927   Cost in Quantity: MCr 40,394.198