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The Centrum Device is a mysterious, incredibly powerful artifact that powers the civilisations of Lon Beon and the Empire of Thrax.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Device is the golden sphere-world of Centrum. It orbits Capacitor, a T-type brown dwarf, and draws power directly from the systems' stars. The Device provides "subspace energy" to a broad but strictly defined region. The Centrum Device is reckoned to have been constructed at TL 23.


The Centrum Device provides free, nearly limitless power to any equipment fitted with a "quantum receiver", a component that draws on "subspace energy".

The Centrum Device has a maximum range of 100 light years (30 parsecs).

  • The Device enables vessels to enter jumpspace and hopspace without the need for fuel. It provides "subspace energy" to the ship, which is channeled to the drives via a component called the "quantum singularity", a specific type of "quantum receiver". This "subspace energy" draws on the mathematical substrate of the universe.
    • By utilising "subspace energy", vessels are able to travel 20 parsecs (or more) per hop, depending on the capabilities of the vessel. Ships may initiate a jump or a hop that would carry them further than 30 parsecs from the Centrum system, but their vessel will exit jump space or hop space at the limit of the Centrum Device's range.
    • On at least one occasion, the courses and destinations of Thrax vessels have been determined by analysing minute fluctuations in the ambient energy fields of the Device.
    • The Device also serves as a jump inhibitor, precipitating vessels out of jumpspace or hopspace within a light year of the Centrum system. Ships wishing to travel to the golden sphere-world must do so using NAFAL drives, though they will be subjected to "ripples" in space-time caused by the functioning of the Device.
  • The Device has occasionally served, depending on the needs of the story being told, as a rudimentary ansible, despite that capability being considered far beyond the Device's stated TL23 construction.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Centrum Device is fictional, a central element of the Lon Beon stories popular within the Distant Fringe.

The Device features prominently in the 3V sci-fi show Infinitys Shore.

  • The Centrum Device is stated as being constructed at a Technology Level of TL-23 or TL-P in Hexadecimal Notation. In some tales it is demonstrated to have capabilities far beyond this level of advancement, most notably its use as an ansible.

This random variability in the technological capabilities of Lon Beon and the Empire of Thrax brings widespread criticism of the whole Infinitys Shore franchise.

Some tales of the Mythology of Lon Beon indicate that the Slavers, the mythical builders of the Centrum system, were themselves utilising an artifact of far greater advancement, antiquity and power. The golden sphere-world is merely a gargantuan shell around whatever thing it was that they found.

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