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Cost Cr85
Size 16 liters
Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–6
Weight 3.5 kg

The campstove is designed to use hydrocarbon fuel fed to two burners for heating food or water, Each burner is adjustable separately or one burner may be used alone. The stove is self-contained and folds into a closed box for transport. Setup takes five minutes during which time the fuel tank is hooked to the front of the stove, filled. and pressurized from a hand pump mounted on the tank. Other versions use a pressurized fuel canister which screws to a valve assembly that also hooks to the front of the stove. The campstove provides up to four hours use with both burners operation before needing refill of its 3 liter tank or replacement of the disposable fuel canister and some versions have a built-in sparker for ignition.

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