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Bruno Kansakarrir, Electrician/Mechanic/Gunner and Cargo-hand (former NPC, now played by Thanos)

B76894, Age 38, Human Male

Mechanic-1, VaccSuit-2, Electronics-2, Gunner-1, Cargo-Handling-2, Brawling-2, Handgun-1, SMG-1, Engineer-0

Player Notes - Character Logbook - GM's Notes

Joined Close Call at age 18 in 3711 AD (the same year that Hampton Rhodes signed on), has spent the last 20 years becoming a broadly skilled crewman with a few combat skills, too. Bruno is very big and very strong. His main hobby over the years has been improving his education; he buys self-study courses on various subjects, and also studies the Library Data on every place that he visits. Remained aboard Fortunate Son w Captain Rhodes after the change.

Bruno stands a little over 2 meters (6’7”) weighing 116kg (257lbs). He’s a big beefy guy. You can see he’s got muscle to spare but is maybe 15 lbs over weight. Short cropped salt and pepper hair, clean shaven for the most part with light blue eyes.

If off duty he will be usually doing one of three things: working out (Including sparring/combat training), reading (either a course book or a great work of literature from the last place the ship visited) or trying not to eat any of Max’s sugary baking. He’s not very good at the last.

Quiet but sociable with a long fuse, Bruno has been known to tease people using his size and not so teasingly intimidate those who need it.