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Player Characters[edit]

Players may edit their own character's page to add more details or images, or to create a page of personal notes of a personal game-log from the stubs provided (keep in mind that these notes or logs will be visible to anyone reading the Wiki pages). Please do not edit another player's character! This includes NPCs, who are the GM's characters - although there will be stubs for you to add notes about particular NPCs. {Note there has been some rearrangement of ship's officers, due to temporary absence of Hampton Rhodes on personal business.)

Crew Roster of Frontier Trader Fortunate Son:

Kalos Thar, Captain and Pilot/Navigator (played by ErianFrost)
6A7863, Age 30, Human Male
Mechanic-1, CargoHandler-0, Handgun-2, Bribery-2, Trader-2, Astrogator-2, Broker-2, Ship's Boat-0, Pilot-1,
Streetwise-1, JoT-1, Admin-2, Forgery-0, Hide/Search-2, Gunner-2

Donoma Lafitte, First Officer and Navigator (played by Fritz_Brown)
6A6BA7, Age 34, Human Female
Navigator-4, Ship'sBoat-1, Pilot-0, VaccSuit-1, Engineering-1, Communications-1, Electronics-0, Steward-0, Gravitics-1, Mechanic-1

Max Black, Chief Engineer and Chief Steward (played by ATPollard)
7A5C53, Age 26, Human Male
Administration-1, Artistic-0, Electronics -0, Engineering-3, Gravitics-0, Liaison-1, Mechanical-1,
Ship's Tactics-0, Shotgun-0, Steward-2, Streetwise-0, Vacc Suit-1

Sam 'Doc' Freeman, Medical Officer and Cargo Chief (played by DaveChase)
767AC9, Age 32, Human Male
Medic 4, Computer 1, Admin 1, Ships Boat 1, Gambling 1, Carousing 1, Electronic 1, Vacc Suit 1, Jot 1,
Cargo Handling 1, Robotics-0, Brewing(Hobby)-0, Mechanical(MedEquip)-0, Streetwise-1, Electronics(Medical)-0

Leo P. Henry, Asst Engineer and Security (played by Samuelvss)
765A47, Age 46, Human Male
Laser Carbine-3, Vacc Suit-2, Blade -1, Gambling-1, Brawling-1, Engineering-1, Pilot-1, Streetwise-1, Tactics-1, Zero-G Combat-1, SnubPistol-1

Gayne Maize, Asst Medic and Security (played by ChaosBennett)
AAA633, Age 30, Human Male
CbtRifle-3, Dagger-2, Brawling-1, Demolition-2, Survival-0, Recon-1, Vaccsuit-1, Zero-G-0, JumpTroop-0, Commo-1, Medic-1, Security-1

Bruno Kansakarrir, Electrician/Mechanic/Gunner and Cargo-hand (former NPC, now played by Thanos)
B76894, Age 38, Human Male
Mechanic-1, VaccSuit-2, Electronics-2, Gunner-1, Cargo-Handling-2, Brawling-2, Handgun-1, SMG-1, Engineer-0

Benjamin Chance, Gunner and Cargo-hand (NPC)
795755, Age 22, Human Male
VaccSuit-2, Zero-G-2, Brawling-1, Gunner-1, Cargo-Handling-1

Janna Vilshiggur, Steward and Cargo-hand (NPC)
778667, Age 26, Human Female
Steward-1, Cargo-Handling-1, VaccSuit-1, Vehicle(Grav)-1, Shotgun-1

Speaker to Humans, Passenger Working for Passage (played by Timerover51)
876A55, Age 32, Droyne Sport
Demolitions-1, Carbine-2, Prospecting-2, Leader-3, Ship’s Boat-2, Pilot-1, Grav Vehicle-2, Liaison-2, Gravitics-1, Instruction-1, VaccSuit-2, Revolver-0

Other Characters[edit]

Hampton Rhodes, Captain Emeritus and Pilot (played by Sabredog)
6A79AB, Age 38, Human Male
Blade-2, Bribery-1, Gunnery-1, Mechanical-1, Pilot-2, SMG-1, Streetwise-2, Vacc Suit-1

Kolya Bogdan aka "Victor Rotha" (played by Vladika)
5B4A8C, Age xx, Human Male
Computer-1, Pistol-2, Streetwise-3, Jack-o-T-1, Navigation-1, Broker-2, VaccSuit-1, Gambling-1, Gunner-3, Laison-1, Carousing-1

Harris Niven (former NPC, now played by SType)
7A7855, Age 54, Human Male
Steward-2, Admin-2, Streetwise-2, Handgun-1, Shotgun-2, Brawling-2, VaccSuit-2, Cargo-2, Hide/Search-2
Owner of The Black Thumb. Main factor/representative for Nirid al-Bhikar (Mr. Blake) on XII-H (Nexus-Under aka Hate).

Sidney Bond-Renner aka "Wilson Sterling" (played by Magnus von Thornwood)
577A8A, Age 34, Human Male
Admin-0, Bribery-0, Combat Rifleman-0, Ship's Boat-0, Streetwise-0, Brawling-1, Carousing-1, Computer-1, Fleet Tactics-1, Forgery-1, Interrogation-1, Search/Hide-1, Ship Tactics-1, Handgun-2, Instruction-2, Investigation-2, Leader-2, Security-2, VaccSuit-2, JOT-3, Liaison-3

Non-Player Characters - minor NPCs who don't get their own pages (yet...)

Ships - various ships and associated NPCs