Caledonian Lopers

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Caledonian Loper
Base Information
Classification Carnivore/chaser
Terrain Unknown
Locomotion Unknown
Size 2m long
Speed Unknown
Strength Unknown
Social Structure Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Armor Unknown
Homeworld Emerald (Spinward Marches 1006)
Multi-world Yes
Canon No
Reference JTAS Online

Caledonian Lopers are man-sized quadrupeds are built like a cross between a Terran Pony and a Cheetah.

Physiology & Ecology[edit]

Their fur is almost any light color -- tan, grey, even blue or yellow. The whole animal is normally the same color.

Life Cycle & Reproduction[edit]


Diet & Trophics[edit]

Lopers seem to have sensitive mouths and will not fetch things like a dog, but if raised with the same diet as the vegetarian portion of a person's diet, it can aid by protecting a person from eating harmful plants.

History & Background[edit]

As they can easily be domesticated and housebroken, they make for popular pets in new colonies, but they need space. Found to be loyal pets and herders on the plains, the animals were soon domesticated and introduced as pets on many worlds around the subsector.

In some regions, Vargr use Caledonian Lopers as humans use dogs -- for companionship and as guards. There are also quite a few amateur and professional racing circuits.

Finally, there is also an "underground cuisine" circle that considers the meat a delicacy as it is very lean.

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