Caledonian Army Equipment

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The Army of the Principality of Caledon includes many forces, representing systems from TL9 through TL12.

The table below lists major pieces of equipment for key branches of the Army at the applicable tech levels.

Type of Equipment TL12 TL 11 TL10 TL9 TL8
Heavy AFV Chieftain Grav Combat Vehicle Comet Grav Tank Centurion Grav Tank Crusader Main Battle Tank various local tanks
Heavy Cmd Vehicle Command Chieftain Command Comet Command Centurion Command Crusader Command version of local heavy AFV
Reconaissance Vehicle Wallace GRV Bruce GRV Stranraer GRV Various ATVs Local ATVs
Forward Observer Vehicle Wallace FOV Bruce FOV Stranraer FOV FOV versions of various ATVs Local ATVs equipped for forward observation
Infantry Carrier Highlander Carrier Norseman Carrier Fusilier Carrier Saxon ICV Various local armored personnel carriers
Close Fire Support Curate CFSV Priest III CFSV Priest I CFSV Usher 120mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Various local toward and SP howitzers
General Fire Support Bishop GFSV Priest IV Missile Vehicle Priest II Missile Vehicle Local Missile Launchers Local Multiple Rocket Systems
Heavy Recovery Vehicle Chieftain GRV Comet ARV Centurion ARV Crusader ARV Recovery version of local heavy AFV
Light Recovery Vehicle Highlander GRV Norseman GRV Fusilier Carrier Saxon ARV Various local light recovery vehicles
Individual Armor P16A5 Battledress P16 Battledress P9A12 CES P9 CES -
Pistol [1] Mackenzie Small Arms P35 Gauss Pistol
Infantry Rifle L-18A5 Gauss Rifle, Mactaggart Arms GSR-5 Gauss Sniper System L8A8 ACR L8A1 ACR - -
Squad Support Weapon L16A4 GSAW - - - -

[1] Officers in the Caledonian Army actually purchase their own sidearms; their discretion is absolute (since their role emphatically does not involve shooting). The pistols listed are those issued to NCOs, combat vehicle crews and special forces hostage rescue units.