Caledon Royal Mail

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The Principality of Caledon's equivalent to the Imperial X-boat system. This system serves the Principality, the Grand Duchy of Douglass and a few systems beyond the Principality.


The Caledon Royal Mail (CRM) has a similar mission to the Imperial X-boat system - but with some significant differences.

Courier Service[edit]

As the Principality is much smaller than the Imperium, and most of the key stops are 1-2 parsecs apart, the RCM's courier boats tend to work the same route repeatedly until overhauled. Higher-traffic routes will have more boats assigned, and those boats will largely bounce back and forth between the same systems until overhauled - when they may be reassigned. Most major routes include daily service - couriers leave and arrive daily to and from the next stops on the route.

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