Breakthrough Heavy Infantry Walker/meta

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General Data[edit]

Breakthrough Heavy Infantry Walker

Tech Level: 16

Price: Cr 257,38

Size: 2.5 kiloliters

Mass: 6.40659 tons Empty, 6.44754 tons Full Load

Engineering Data[edit]

Power Plant: TL-16 0.84 MW Fusion Reactor (0.00592 MW Shortfall) providing 0.75 MW to the legs

Maint: 1


Controls: Holographic Linked

Computer: None

Avionics: TL-10+ IGS

Commo: 30 km Radio, 300 km Maser

Sensors: 30 km PEMS, 300 km Ladar, NAS (0.5 km Range), Searchlight, 4xHeadlights, 4xElectronic Eyes (Electrogravitic), 4xElectronic Audio (Subsonic, Ultrasonic), Gas Detector, Radiation Sensor, Magnetic Detector


Life Support: Extended Life Support for 0.7 m3

Cargo: 0.14026 m3

Crew: 1 (Pilot) Passengers: None

Peripherals: 2xRobotic Arms, Voder, Holodisplay, Chemical Projector, Laser Cutter/Welder

Arm       Volume    Hit   Lift   UMD   Weapon   AMD
2xHeavy     100      11   5000    50    ----    ---


Offensive: Varies on the trooper; all weapons and ammo are arm carried Defensive: ditto

Ammo: ditto

Fire Control: ditto

Stablization: ditto


Max Speed: 153.4 kph

Travel Move: 307

Combat Move: 70

Endurance: Fusion Reactor will run one year continously on internal fuel

Fuel Capacity: 84 liters of H2 for Fusion Reactor


Config: Walker

Suspension: Bipedal

TF: 99 HF: 99

TS: 99 HS: 99

TR: 99 HR: 99

Deck: 99 Belly: 99